Mankind was out of time.

The solution: create more.


Adapt or Die: The choice was simple.
But over long enough timescales,
simple choices have large consequences.


A fusion of photography, sketches and CG imagery brings the Time Travel series to life in stunning visual detail.

Field Series Reader reviews…

"My life is complete. Great sci-fi. Loved the way it twisted and turned. If you read sci-fi, read this, your mind will love you forever."

PersonIcon Big Six – ‘Cracking read’


"This is the cleverest science fiction series I have read in a long time and I can't wait for the next instalment!"

PersonIcon M R S – ‘Couldn’t put it down!’


"This deserves to be a Netflix originals series or similar. Epic time frame that dovetails in nicely with the world we know. Certain events in the book stand alongside the best reveals in popular science-fiction."

PersonIcon Mike – ‘Looking forward to seeing this as a series’


"It's becoming increasingly rare (and difficult) to find a well thought out sci-fi with "credible" science, a good storyline with strong characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end..."

PersonIcon Geek – ‘Fabulous Read’


"I really enjoyed this. Simon Winstanley shows a good taut, sharp writing style and an excellent story. Will definitely be reading the sequel."

PersonIcon R. A. Miller – ‘Great book’


"Ridiculously good. Brilliant science, well written, great characters. Just buy it."

PersonIcon S. Hodgson – ‘I can’t believe my eyes. Read it!’



PersonIcon Julie Day – ‘Five Stars’


"I'm a sucker for a good sci-fi book and these ones don't disappoint, I was hooked after the first couple of chapters."

PersonIcon Chris Ryalls – ‘best books I’ve read for a while’


"A wonderfully crafted novel by Simon Winstanley and definitely one of my 'Books of the Year'."

PersonIcon Steve Hayman – ‘Great vision’


"I loved this book, as well as its predecessor 'Field One' The story is detailed, fast paced, and very original... The author weaves together various story strands, from several time periods, to create an amazing narrative that will keep you entertained and gripped to the very last page."

PersonIcon Paulholio – ‘Original and fast paced ‘hard’ Sci-fi”


"A fresh author with new ideas. Field One was an incredible start to the series. Unlike some sequels that are slow starters, Field Two grabs your attention and imagination from page 1 and doesn't let go of you until you finish the book. Loved it!"

PersonIcon CHCUK – ‘Another Fantastic book!”


About the author…

After choosing between Astrophysics and Electromechanical Engineering, Simon Winstanley went on to become (variously) an Engineer, Technology Teacher, Concept Illustrator, 3D Motion Ride designer, Visual Effects supervisor and Science Fiction author. He lives in North London, but his mind still commutes off-world.

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